Taiwanease Magazine

Taiwanease aimed to provide an alternative look at Taiwan to let readers see what was going on outside their door, to open up the variety and the novelty that existed on the island.

It covered a range of topics that showcased the diversity of the island, the articles reflected the broad range of lives led by the people who live there, both Taiwanese and foreign.

As well as wishing to entertain and inform, Taiwanease also had some useful features including an events calendar, movie listings and how-to guides to make life smoother and more trouble-free for English speakers there. A further feature was our comprehensive classified ads sections at the back of the magazine, helping readers to find a job, buy and sell anything from a book to a house.

During its’ brief run Taiwanease was frequently lauded for its’ design and well written editorial.

As a start-up each member had to wear many hats. Many designers in Taiwan have this experience, particularly in user experience, but like many start-ups the lack of funding made for additional challenges in finding talent that gave the greater value/cost ratio — a key experience for me in learning how to find partners that balance cost, reliability, ability and talent.

Lead a small team and was directly responsible for the design from cover-to-cover, commissioning of art, design and development of the website, wiki, and events calendar. I bootstrapped a write-once-publish-everywhere xml based publishing system based upon Movable Type.

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