Ocean KTV Usability Test

“QNAP OceanKTV is the first NAS-based karaoke application on the market allowing you to create a quality karaoke experience at home or at work. Store your favorite songs in the QNAP NAS, attach it to a big-screen TV via HDMI, and start singing with OceanKTV!”

This is an extremely complex piece of software with versions for NAS (browser based), iPad, iPhone, Android, and TV. All of these different versions need to be in sync and work together in real time.

The direction the product manager took for the User Interface was debated. The interface closely resembled many of the commercial systems that users will come across in various KTV rooms throughout Taiwan and China, familiarity reduces learning times, but these reference experiences were fraught with usability problems and didn’t always translate well to smaller handheld screens.

The resultant UI was found to have a number of problems, so we designed a number of formal usability tests to find new issues, pain points, and confirm or contradict the what we found in our heuristic reports.

I designed and carried out the onsite usability test specifically for the iPad version, creating the environment, recruiting participants, and analyzing the qualitative and quantitive results. Qualitative data was also collected for the system as a whole.

The result was the identification of both areas requiring further examination and immediate change. These results were later rolled into the product roadmap improving the overall usability of the iPad UI.

The various deliverables can be seen below (names on docs. have been removed).

This usability test was prepared for QNAP where I was a Usability Analyst.