I am currently studying Chinese full-time and taking refresher courses in design and programming. My new project, Super Lucky Elephant, aims to create educational titles for the Taiwan app. store.

Previously I was an engineer at the Industrial Technology Research Institutes’ (ITRI) Creativity Lab (CL) where I worked on web based systems to allow for greater collaboration amongst CL researchers. I have also led projects that explored an array of ambient and tangible interfaces that seamless interaction between humans, digital information, and the physical environment.

Before CL I was design lead at ITRI’s Information Service Centre where I helped form one of the first user experience design teams in Taiwan.

As a freelancer my work has ranged from sound art installations, to creative direction for print and design for the web.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Jazz) from St. Francis Xavier University and a Master of Applied Art from Chiao Tung University. I also spent 3 years at Humber College of Music where I studied trumpet and jazz performance.

I have a wide array of personal and professional interests, including: Design, Ambient and Tangible Interfaces, Programming, Carryology, Film, Life Long Learning, Creativity, Mobile Culture, Innovation, Education, Food, Photography, Sound Art, Music, Travel, Mobile Culture, Urban Farming, Parenting, Participatory Media, Travel, Technology, Fashion, Crafts, Dogs, Writing and dozens of other subjects.

I’ve produced numerous blogs and other participatory media, some of which were amongst the first of their kind; currently I publish regularly through my mobile culture blog, Popwuping, and my personal blog, Kelake.

I live in Hsinchu, Taiwan with my wife, daughter, son, and 2 dogs. On the weekends you will find me hiking in the mountains near Hsinchu.