35togo was much like a scrapbook; a catalogue of ideas, events, artifacts, and impressions. I recorded the things that interested me during this period of my life. It wasn’t always beautiful nor technically compelling but it was my view of the world no matter how mundane.

This project was where my habit of watching human behavior was formed. I feel as a designer it’s important to not just develop skills in empathy but to notice the minutiae of the things around you. Later the recordings of my explorations became more focused, and I started marking trends, cool hunting, and later observing how people interact with their devices and environment.

This was an ongoing personal project to record and share the daily sights and sounds of life I witnessed in Asia. A way to exercise my burgeoning interest in street photography. I started the site in early 2003, long before Flickr and other similar products, making it one of the first popular photoblogs in Taiwan at that time. The subject matter stuck pretty close to Taiwan and other parts of Asia with an occasional photo of Canada and Europe. The photographs themselves were more visual evidence of the exploring I did and perhaps showed the rather mundane or off beat taste I had at the time (one of my favorite series was of power meters).

The website had been deliberately kept simple in both development and aesthetic. It was managed by Moveabletype and custom templates that I developed. The photographs were taken either with my old Canon S100, Canon SLR(s), Sony T630, or a Lomo LC-A. Interestingly my move to a completely digital photography workflow coincided with my decreased interest in the project.

Below is a small selection of photographs from the site.

An archive of the site exists at http://www.35togo.com but unfortunately all discussion and content were lost in the transition.