Clark is an interaction designer. He is currently co-founder of Smartbean, a small educational software start-up he runs with his wife Sheryl. Previously he was manager of experience design at Netdragon Websoft in China.

Outside of work, he devotes most of his energy towards family, running, and drinking great coffee.

Recent work

青蛙舞者 for iOS

A first in a series of storybook app.’s for the iPad.

101PPT Mobile Version

A new direction for a complex mobile app., with a very tight deadline.

QNAP DJ2 Broadcasting App

User experience direction for desktop and mobile live streaming software.

Experience Design Classes

I recently restarted teaching intro design classes, this is one of the first topics.

Ocean KTV Usability Test

A formal onsite test for an iPad and TV user interface.

A selection of older projects

Shao LuLu (小鹿鹿)

Cross media project that featured games, mascot, collateral, clothing, ringtones, and website.

35togo – street photography

One of the earliest Taiwan photoblogs and the start to my love of ethnography.

Taiwanease Magazine

Lauded for its’ design and editorial, Taiwanease aimed to provide an alternative look at Taiwan.

ITRI Website Redesign

Redesign of a corporate multilingual website improving the overall user experience.

Hullabaloo (喧囂)

Tangible interface for a children’s game

Websites for SME

Web development, visual and interaction design, for primarily Greater China based government and small business clients.

Girls Ambient Room (少女臥房)

Sound, music, animation and light projections to communicate information at the periphery of human perception.

Traffic II Sound Art Installation

Spontaneous real time auditory compositions using data gained from network surveillance.

Get in touch.

I can be reached by email, by phone (902 314 6641, +886 0972 506 301 台灣, +86 132 4969 5524 中国) or on Linkedin.

Feel free to learn more about me on my blog, Twitter, and Instagram as well.