Adult Chairs

Adult Chairs are tangible interfaces that allow for rudimentary control over a musical performance. The interface, woven into an object that is part of the fabric of our everyday life, adds to the element of surprise helping to create an engaging experience from something very simple.



Hullabaloo represents one of my first attempts at creating a tangible music interface. Hullabaloo is a simple tangible interface that allow children to participate in a music game that tests and increases their musical and memory acuity.



An audio alternative to the time consuming and interruptive nature of the push and pull of visual way finding interfaces.


The Halifax STAR Project

The Halifax Space-Time Activity Research (STAR) Project was conducted by the Time-Use Research Program at Saint Mary’s University, in partnership with Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). The project results were used to help plan the construction of roads, sidewalks, bike paths, and changes to Halifax Metro […]


MIR Investments

MIR is a boutique funds management organisation embracing the best of qualitative and quantitative processes in the implementation of a superior value strategy. With quick turn around I created an clean and attractive informational website that they could update easily with MovableType.


Shao Kelake (xiao kelake) Weblog

Before I knew pinyin I created a popular weblog covering art, design and sound. Much like tumblr blogs today and the original blog format, it focused on curation and imagery over commentary.


Article Graphics

A number of years ago when 640×480 computer screens were still designed for, I was called to produce article graphics for the web on a somewhat daily basis. The deadlines were always tight. The following are a collection of a few of the hundreds I […]

Creativity conference

Logos and Icons

A short collection of the logo and icon work (above is a logo for a creativity workshop). Generally I haven’t been called upon to do a great deal of branding for organisations, most of these examples have been for smaller companies or projects where the […]